Submission via Email: ICMSEEI@VIP.163.COM
Submission via Online:

Format and Template
1. All submissions must not be less than 4 pages.
2. Authors are invited to submit full, original, unpublished research papers that are not being considered for publication in any other forum.
3. Manuscripts should be submitted in Word/PDF format and formatted using the ICMSE 2020 camera-ready available at ICMSE2020 Template.
4. All submissions papers will be refereed for quality, originality, and relevance by the Program Committee.

1. 作者通过邮箱ICMSEEI@VIP.163.COM进行投稿  
2. 收到作者投稿后,组委会编辑对文章进行初审,不符合领域、初审印象较差的文章将被拒稿,符合领域且初审印象符合常规水平的文章将进入专家评审阶段(周期为1-2周),告知作者审稿结果;
3. 接收的作者根据审稿报告进行修改,按照录用通知和注册指南行注册缴费,签署版权转让协议,并提交最终版本的文章;
4. 组委会整理核查所有录用的文章及相关材料后提交给期刊方进行一系列的检测、终审、校对和排版;出版期间存在部分文章返修的可能。相应作者根据出版社意见修改文章,并再次由组委会提交出版社。在完成出版前的所有处理工序后,文章将会以会议论文集形式出版。

1. 5th ICMSE2017 has been published in JAN 2018 and indexed by EI & CPCI(ISTP) FEB 2018!  ISSN: 17578981, E-ISSN: 1757899X
2. 6th ICMSE2018 has been published in AUG 2018 and indexed by EI & CPCI(ISTP) SEP 2018!  ISSN: 17578981, E-ISSN: 1757899X
3. 7th ICMSE2019 has been published in AUG 2019 and indexed by EI SEP 2019. ISSN: 17578981, E-ISSN: 1757899X.
4. If you are interested in the history of ICMSE, Please download these files:
 ICMSE2015 table of content.pdf,     ICMSE2016 table of content.pdf,     ICMSE2017 table of content.pdf,     ICMSE2018 table of content.pdf,   ICMSE 2019 table of content.pdf
5. IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) volumes :